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Dress Code

Indian Ridge Middle School has a Mandatory Unified Dress Code Policy for all students attending our schools. We believe that this Dress Code Policy promotes safety, improves behavior, and enhances the learning environment.

All students should demonstrate personal price and maintain a neat appearance. Our Unified Dress Code consists of the following:


What's approved? 

Trousers, "dockers," cargo-style pants, shorts, capris or skorts.​

What colors?

Black, Navy, Tan/Khaki, and Grey.

What's not approved?

Sweat or athletic pants, athletic shorts (e.g. basketball shorts), jeans, stretch pants, tight pants or tight shorts.

How should they be worn?

Secure and at the waist. Shorts and skorts must reach mid-thigh.


What's approved?

Polo shirts with an Indian Ridge logo.

What colors?

Black, white, or teal?

Where can you purchase a logo shirt?

Planet T Uniforms

2214 N Flamingo Road | Pembroke Pines 33028 | 954-538-0066

What's not approved?

Anything that is not an Indian Ridge polo shirt. For instance, no t-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, half-shirts, button-downs, fancy blouses, sports jerseys, nor pirate shirts.


  • No sweat bands, wrist bands, or head bands may be worn durin the school day. If you're sweating, bring a handkerchief.

  • You may wear a sweatshirt... but non-Indian Ridge sweatshirts may not be worn to cover uniform shirts.

  • No writing on school uniforms.

  • Do not replace your uniform with P.E. shirts and shorts.

  • Do not wear Friday Spirit Shirts on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

  • Do not wear sandals, flip-flops, slides, slippers, wooden clogs or stilts.

Assistance is provided to students who cannot comply with the Unified Dress Code due to financial hardship. Please see your grade-level office for further information.

Indian Ridge Mandatory Dress Code Policy
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