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Tryouts: September

Season: September - December

Girls Coach: Conrad

Boys Coach: Davis


Tryouts: May

Season: September - December

Coach: Dale Parrish (parent)

Girls team


Tryouts: August

Season: August - November

Girls Coach: Gurtov

Boys Coach: Lindo

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Track & Field

Tryouts: March

Season: March - May

Coach: Brosz, Escobar, and Lendinara

Boys and Girls teams

Flag Football

Tryouts: January

Season: January - March

Girls Coach: Ramsey

Boys Coach: Davis


Tryouts: November

Season: December - February

Girls Coach: Aceto

Boys Coach: Lendinara

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Athletic Director: Coach Lendinara


All grade levels are eligible to try out for a sport.

To be eligible to participate in interscholarstic sports, a student must maintain a 2.0 grade point average from the previous marking period and have no more than one "Unsatisfactory" in conduct. Student grades and conduct are monitored throughout the sports season as well.


  • Practice for each sport may be before or after school, but not on weekends.

  • There are admissions costs for basketball and volleyball games.

  • Home games for football and soccer are not at Indian Ridge.

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